This carrd was made to educate people on the label Babalúid !!

What is Babalúid/Babalúidity? It is a label for black genderfluid people who feel their blackness and genderfluidity are connected.
How is it pronounced? Ba-Ba-Loo-Ed
Who made it? The flag and meanings were made by @hanbin510 and the name was made by @imanicidic
Why was it made? Black genderfluid people have felt as if non-black views on genderfluidity are greatly different then those of the black community. Also that the experiences they have as genderfluid people are different and there is a disconnect to the popular term which is white dominated.
Who Inspired the term? Babalú Ayé, a god of healing. He is an Orisha from Yoruba culture. He is greatly connected to the earth was know to heal people from diseases yet also be in control of them. He is both feared and loved.
Why choose him though? “I thought it’d be nice to involve healing with genderfluidity because being in a cisnormative anti-black society is very damaging to the soul and then Babalú Ayé is healing us [black genderfluid people]” - Imani
Does this mean I have to identify as Babalúid? No, this is just an alternative for black people who feel this label describes their genderfluidity better, there’s nothing wrong with identifying as genderfluid if it makes you comfortable!!

Babalúid Flag
Babalúid Flag Meanings

Stripe Explanations:
Black Joy: Babalúid is supposed to be a comforting and joyful label that is connected to one’s blackness
Creativity in Presentation: Black genderfluidity looks different than every other race and is unique and creative with how genderfluid people present themselves
Different Outlook on Gender: Representative of how black genderfluidity is a different experience than in other races
Healing from Babalù Ayé: Represents healing of our souls
Gender Fluidity: Self-Explanatory
African Diaspora: Acknowledges that black gnc people come from all over the world and we have labels like this to connect us

flag made by @hanbin510

Frequently Asked Questions
I’m xyz gender can I use this flag? If you are black and you consider yourself to be on the genderfluid spectrum, yes.
I'm mixed/biracial can i use the flag? You may use it if you are 1. mixed with black and 2. look racially black.
I’m not black, can i use the label/flag? Absolutely NOT this label and flag are for black people only but you can support your black loved ones if they use this label!
Can I use the flag but not the term? Can I use this flag and the genderfluid flag or any other? Yes, whatever makes you as a black genderfluid person comfortable.
Can all racial minority genderfluid people use the label/flag? Once again the answer is no, because it was made specifically based off the black genderfluid experience. If you want your own term/flag make one.
Can I use this term/flag for my black genderfluid oc/hc for a character? If you are black then absolutely go ahead, if you are not black then as of now please don’t for headcanon, for original characters only do it after consulting several black genderfluid people.
Is this flag a recolour of another flag?
No, it’s an original flag with a 6 stripe pattern design with varying shades of brown made by a black genderfluid person. Please do not make any recolors.